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©2019 by Parrish Civic Association.

Mission: "To advocate the interests of the Parrish Community and Preserve its Heritage"

History of our town

The community was named Parrish for the Parrish Family that moved into the area in the late 1800s and gave back so much to this town, such as land for the railroad, churches, and schools. In this era, the town was bustling with lots of commerce. Many of the residents were farmers of citrus and vegetables as well as cattle. It was a close-knit community, neighbors looking out for each other. Whatever the need, food, clothing, building a barn, mending fences, taking cattle to market, the people all pitched in to help. 

A post office was established in 1879. When the paperwork was sent to Washington, the name was misspelled. It was registered as Parish. When the new post office was built around 1950, the Postmaster reviewed the registration papers and found the error, it was corrected to the correct spelling of Parrish.

Today, Parrish is the northeast center of Manatee County with roads to Tampa, St. Petersburg, Wachula, Arcadia, Bradenton, and Sarasota to name a few. Parrish is the fastest growing area in Manatee County. 

What is the Civic Association

The Parrish Civic Association is a group of citizens who have voluntarily joined together for collective action on community affairs. In general, its objectives are to preserve, enhance, and plan for the orderly development of the neighborhood and to promote the general welfare, safety, and civic spirit of the community.  Studies show that neighborhoods with active civic associations have less crime, a greater voice with local governments, more engaged residents and tend to be more vibrant communities.

As a voluntary association, our capacity for collective action rests on members' contributions of participation, skill, effort and time directed to a common purpose. Success in achieving our goals rests on our ability to make our voices heard in the public arena. Sizeable membership provides the strength of a strong collective voice in pursuing the goals of our community. The louder that voice is, the more we can achieve!

Who is the Parrish Civic Association

... We are local stakeholders like you, who care deeply about our community. Our membership is comprised of homeowners, residents and business owners within our service area.


...We are a volunteer-driven, member-based organization with our efforts managed by a Board of Directors. Our officers and board members are elected by our membership. Our members are welcome and encourage to become engaged in our efforts through volunteering, serving on committees or serving on the board.

...We are like-minded individuals who strive to nurture, defend, celebrate, and invigorate this beautiful community we call home.

...We are the community's voice. Of great significance to Parrish Civic is our sense of community. We strive to be more aligned with the actual dynamics within our community. Our vision seeks an inclusionary process to ensure our members' voice is properly represented.


...We are guardians. Parrish Civic works with elected officials and governmental agencies to ensure proper representation and services. In doing this we endeavor to monitor and hold accountable this representation.

What we do

Our work helps our members to:

...Stay informed about what's happening in the neighborhood.


...Monitor key municipal issues including zoning and planning.

...Address fire, safety, transportation issues and any other concerns as they arise.

...Meet & work with other community members.

It is also important to list a couple of things we do not do:

...We do not advocate for individual interests; rather, we do advocate for best interests for all.

...We do not promote any political agenda or candidate; rather, we serve as a forum to educate our community about issues.

At the very least, join the Parrish Civic Association!

...Your membership is a great way to further invest in your community and helps support our community projects and events such as: 

  • PCA is the publisher of the monthly newspaper the "Parrish Village News" to over 17,500 homes.

  • PCA sponsors Annual Parrish Heritage Day Parade, Chili Cook-off, and Parrish Pioneering.

  • PCA supports the Parris "Y" with the Annual Parrish Children's Christmas Party for those in need.

  • PCA rallied the community together to rename our new high school to Parrish Community High School in order to retain the name of our town.

  • PCA brought the community together in order to obtain traffic light at SR 675/US Hwy 301 for the safety of our community.

  • PCA is working with State College of Florida in establishing a Satelite Parrish Campus.

  • PCA is working with the Manatee County Government and the Milgren Group who created a Master Plan for the village of Parrish. 

  • PCA holds Meet & Greet evenings for candidates running for election to educate our members about the candidates and to meet with our Local Businesspeople.

  • PCA holds the Annual Parrish "Hometown" Christmas tree Lighting community event which began in 1916.

  • PCA send representatives to show support of items that may affect our community to the Manatee County Commissioner and School Board meetings.

  • PCA works with the County, State and Federal officials regarding the infrastructure needs of our community.

  • PCA keeps the community informed through monthly meetings, via social media, website, and emails.

You can also...

...Attend our meetings. Provide Input. Busy schedule? - become a member or renew your membership. Extra time on your hands - you can increase your level of activeness at any time - the community can benefit from your time....Join a committee...Volunteer? - Your Time, even an hour or two a month helping with various association activities would make a HUGH difference in what we can do for our neighborhood.  'Become a Member, Be a Voice!'

Road work for our village

69th Street & 121st Street Calming Circle

expansion for traffic light

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