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Our members are leaders - in the community, in business, in the Arts, and on local and national stages - who understands how important it is to be engaged and who appreciates the value of our community.

As a nonprofit, we rely on membership dues to provide quality programming and opportunities in our community. When you become a PCA member, you not only are giving back to our community, but your annual membership also includes:

  • Ability to easily advocate and meet with local community leaders and elected representatives at meetings and social events

  • Voting rights and ability to run for PCA office

  • Build or maintain a track record of local involvement; helpful for building your own professional resume

Any questions please email: director@pcafla.org

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$25.00 (+) Basic Member (Member & Spouse)

$50.00 (+) Community Booster

$75.00 (+) Parrish Booster

$100.00 (+) Basic Business Member

$250.00 (+) Business Booster

$500.00 (+) Basic Corporate Member

$1000.00 (+) Corporate Booster

Membership dues are due in January of each year - past due March 31, 2020.


Note: New members can join/renew any time during the calendar year.  

Become a Sponsor of the PCA

Parrish Civic Association, Inc.
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Email: Info@pcafla.org

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